Plus networking wisdom hyun Technology Create interactive family entertainment center DCT dual-mounted audio technology, enabling a TV also issued two voices; 2.4GHz wireless 6.1 technology innovation, so that your TV can take six stable wireless devices; Wisdom voice remote, often thousands, that is to call。
External stunning internal delicacy And the world's top computer using the same backlight Radiant The world's leading science and technology enterprise group was held in Tsinghua Science Park "Color scientific and technological revolution: the era of open quantum dot" conference, the formal launch of TV + flagship product, China's first quantum dot TV H9700, to breaking the quantum dot OLED display technology is the only direction industry myth, leading global TV industry has entered a new era of quantum dots. Learn More Technology
42E5ERS E-bedroom boutique streamer color 42-inch high-definition flat-panel narrow LED TV
  • Palm phones to send
  • Perfect decoding
  • Wall Sound
  • Micro-channel on-demand
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红外光电传感器  infrared photoelectric sensor
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